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Pro TV Installers

Sound Components & TV Installation 

Being able to mount an AP in either ceiling or wall orientation would be very advantageous

PRO TV Installation / Cabinet - Ikea wall units - Floating Tv Stand or Cabinet

■ Include Same Elements of Basic TV Installation above described
■ Cabinet or Wall unit assembly and installation 
■ Component integration to new Cabinet and wiring management 
■ Remote Control Sensor Extender to Control ALL your components Inside the Unit 
■ Price and Time $250 - $1300 Time Estimated of labor 2 -8 hours


Ceiling and Swivel or Full Motion Mount Installation 

■ Go over the installation Elements of the basic TV installation
■ Install your TV on the wall and make sure it is secure. 
■ Swivel/full motion WALL MOUNT INCLUDED!
■ Hide all wires and cables from the TV inside the wall for a neat look.
■ Connect the TV to all your components 
■ Price and Time  $200 - $230 Time Estimated of labor 1 - 1.1/2 Hour


Sound Bar Installation

■ Go over the installation procedure upon arrival in your home
■ Install your Sound bar on the wall and make sure it is secure
■ Hide all wires and cables from the Soundbar inside the wall for a neat look
■ Digital Connection for Best quality Sound
■ Sound coming from All Components
Price and time $60 with the TV installation package and time installation estimated in 50 min

Home Theater Installation

■ Go over the installation procedure upon arrival in your house.
■ Take your new 5.1 Home Theater System out of the box.
■ Install Speakers in the wall, on the wall or in the ceiling
■ Hide all the speaker wire through the attic or crawl space.
■ Connect Audio Receiver to the five speakers and a subwoofer.
■ Clean out any installation debris.
■ Show you how to use your new Home Theater System.
■ Price and Time $350 - $2250 time estimated 2 - 8 hours



Universal remote control programming

■ Program your Universal Remote for all you Devices.
■ Check the remote to make sure it is working.
■ Teach Customer how to use their new Universal Remote Control.
■ Customize multiples actions on your remote to control all in just 1 click.
■ Price and time $80 and 1 hour time of estimated work


Projector Installation

■ Calculate Proper Setup and Mounting Distance ■ Securely Mount Projector Bracket
■ Mount and Secure Viewing Screen ■ Run Audio and Video Cables In-wall
■ Mount and Secure Viewing Screen ■ Properly Mount and Align Projector
■ Run Audio and Video Cables In-wall ■ Setup and Connect up to 3 Components
■ Program Factory Remote if Capable ■ Clean up Work Area
■ System Operation Walk Through with Customer
■ Price and Time $250 - $650 time estimated for installation 2 - 6 hours of labor



  Surveillance Cameras / Security Cameras

  ■ 8 IR Night Vision Cameras 650tvl High Quality Resolution 3.6mm Fixed Lens Installation
  ■ 8 CH HD1080P H.264 DVR with 1TB Hard Drive (30 Days of recording time) Installation
  ■ Password Protection
  ■ Remote viewing Computer, IPhone, Ipad, or Android Mobile Devices
  ■ Equipment Demonstration and Training
  ■ Price and Time $1600 -$2800 time estimated 6 hours min